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Peruvian Pima Cotton

The softest cotton in the world: Peruvian Pima cotton, (gossypium barbadense. With extraordinary characteristics in length, delicacy and softness, it produces a resistant and uniform thread, destined to the production of textiles, valued by the most demanding clients in the world.

Comfort at it's best: The combination of the type of seed, the quality of the soil and the microclimate where it is produced make Peruvian PIMA cotton the nest and longest thread in the world. These conditions, apart from giving it an immeasurable softness to the touch, make it fall very nicely on the body, producing an excellent result in shinier and lighter materials.

Lenght of the fiber: Its approximately 38,10 to 41,27 millimeters, making it the longest in the world. Other bers reach a maximum of 20 to 32 millimeters.

High Resistance: With a long and ne thread, PIMA is highly resistant, and 50% stronger than most of the standard forms of cotton. It provides durability, exibility, and an extraordinary delicate sensation to all garments.
With our 100% PIMA cotton baby clothes, you will experience the wonderful qualities of this natural resource